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La nostalgie de jardin
21st-Nov-2013 09:53 pm(no subject)
despa zero squall
Wow, has it really been a year (and more) since I last updated?
21st-Sep-2012 12:17 pm(no subject)
despa zero squall
and lol the new update page is fug
29th-Mar-2012 04:43 pm(no subject)
zhou mi sg
lol, ELFs flipping tables because EXO-M will be at a Super Show.

I wouldn't want them myself, I think (although it's be awesome to rub it in this one girl's face that I got to see them because she's an EXO fan and annoying as fuck), but I think a black ocean might be overdoing it (and as a stan of a guy who kept getting black oceans I know how uncool they are)

And I thought I'd be rude for waving a Zhou Mi light board around when they'd be on stage.
16th-Mar-2012 02:01 am(no subject)
zhou mi sg
So pissed.

First SMEntertainment announces a Super Show in Paris A MONTH BEFORE but I still scramble together money for it (even asked grandma for a loan because I'm too wussy to ask dad), because I was hoping I'd get to see Zhou Mi and cheer on him etc, since he didn't get to go to SMTown last summer because of visa issues.

BUT GO FIGURE. VISA ISSUES AGAIN!?!?!? Come on, this is just ridiculous


Almost don't wanna go anymore, because he was the biggest reason I wanted to go, no lie. Even if I've wanted to go to a SS for quite a while.
But this is just such a downer

It's still three weeks left. There's still hope? Right? Right?!!?
3rd-Jan-2012 12:00 am(no subject)


(I also told myself this fall that I'd book flights before 2012. I missed by two days. Close enough!)
25th-Dec-2011 04:06 am(no subject)
Merry Christmas!?

My loot so far is some money (travel/Korea money!), (red/rose, it's undecided yet) wine, mittens and a scaaaarf. Box of chocolate. Oh, and a Santa decoration?!
Christmas dinner on Monday with other part of the family, so there will be more gifts then as well. Whoop.

Hope you had/have/will have a good time!
2nd-Nov-2011 09:23 pm(no subject)
zhou mi purple
fucking spam

/goes back to lurking
8th-Aug-2011 07:30 am(no subject)
zhou mi purple
Go on lj to look for tutorials/resources, end up leaving/unwatching 40something communities.

See, I do clean!

Too bad it's not my room.
2nd-Aug-2011 06:21 am(no subject)
Hi (。◕‿◕。)
25th-Jul-2011 07:29 am(no subject)
despa zero squall
First Despa disbandment, then Taiji died, and now Kagrra's Isshi apparently died.
I need some happy jrock news soon :(

/write long story but end up deleting after all
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